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Scruffy's Bio by TacoKart
Scruffy's Bio
Full Name: Scruffy Willibald Evans
Also Known As: Scruff, Scruffers
Race/Species: Dog / Toon
Breed: Miniature Poodle
Gender: Male
Age: 6 / 42 in dog years
Birthday: January 3, 2008
Birthplace: Greenwood Animal Shelter
Current Residence: Dalton's house
Current Occupation: House pet
Languages Spoken: Dog

Abilities, Skills, and Powers: Has all the attributes that comes with being a dog, such as enhanced sense of hearing and smell. As a toon, he can be subjected to toon physics like his master and tank more than a normal dog can withstand. He can also stand human-like on his hind legs when no one is around.

Notable Strengths: He stands by his master out of love and loyalty, and is a lot smarter than an average canine.
Notable Weaknesses: He's simply a house pet, and even a toon dog with a rather human intellect can only do so much.

Physical Appearance: Poofy, golden brown fur with a white muzzle and belly. Has cream-colored fur on the ends of his forepaws and puffy tail. Wears a normal black collar.

Personality Details: On the surface, Scruffy seems to act like a regular dog. Chasing his tail, begging for scraps, doing typical dog things. When no one looks, though, he can be quite the sophisticated chap when no eyes are on him.

Backstory: Dalton adopted Scruffy when he was a puppy at the local animal shelter. However, he was the runt of the litter, and a few at the shelter thought he wouldn't make it if he wasn't taken in. But Dalton wanted to give the little pup a good home. Since then, Scruffy has been forever loyal to his master, and Dalton does his best to make his pet happy.

Close Friends: Dalton, Anise.
Worst Enemies: Walton, Dr. Mechanix.

Habits: Typical habits befitting a dog, such as scratching himself, sniffing other dogs' butts and chasing cats and other small animals.

Likes: Dalton, bones, treats, chewing on things, getting the back of his ear scratched
Dislikes: Squirrels, baths, fleas, when Dalton forgets to fill his food dish.

Phobias and Mental Illnesses: None.
Physical Disabilities: None.

Character Alignment: Neutral Good.

Theme Song(s): Walking The Dog -…

Miscellaneous Trivia: Like Gary the Snail, Dalton and everyone else in Greenwood Falls can understand what Scruffy is saying despite only being able to bark.
Chef Zelazuul's Bio by TacoKart
Chef Zelazuul's Bio
Full Name: Chef Zelazuul
Also Known As: Zell, Zella, Zully, or just Chef
Race/Species: Gluttony Demon
Gender: Male
Age: Ageless
Birthday: Unknown
Birthplace: The upper crust of the Japanese underworld.
Current Residence: Head gourmand at the fanciest restaurant in Greenwood Falls.
Current Occupation: Gourmet chef, cult leader.
Heritage: Japanese.
Sexual Orientation: Omnisexual, though prefers the company of other men.
Marital Status: Single
Languages Spoken: Demon, Japanese, English

Abilities, Skills, and Powers: He can cook delicious food easily, however he prepares it with no nutritional values (which results in empty calories; it makes his food both extremely fattening and never makes you feel full), has telepathic abilities, can cast demon magic, and is acrobatic thanks to his psychic powers. His living kitchen utensils (which are actually tsukumogami) can assist him when he's in trouble along with his gluttonist followers.

Notable Strengths: He's a great chef in his own right, his telepathic powers make him a force to be reckoned with, and his legion of gluttonists follow his every command.
Notable Weaknesses: As far as demons go, he only knows how to cook and his telepathy isn't as strong as other demons. He's also weakened without his tsukumogami or followers to back him up.

Physical Appearance: Very corpulent, light purple skin with various black markings, pale yellow eyes lacking pupils, and long dark purple hair with beige tints.

Usual Attire: Run-of-the-mill chef's garb, tailored to fit his rotund body.

Inventory: Often he'll be followed around by his living utensils, who wish only to help him prepare dishes (but secretly like causing mischief).

Personality Details: Usually calm and nonchalant, even when visibly angry. He can get somewhat hammy when his finishes a 'perfect dish' but doesn't go overboard. He also cares deeply for his followers and utensils.

Backstory: Raised in the Japanese netherworld's high society, Zelazuul was spoiled rotten by his rich parents but it didn't affect his personality much. With a love for food, he was always in the kitchen as a kid. He dreamed of one day becoming a chef himself, and eventually did just that as he got older. Rumor has it his first job was a chef in :iconzman99:'s Delri's royal court during his reign. Soon after, he discovered his talent for making extremely delicious, yet fattening foods. Having great pride in being big, he decided to start a group of 'Gluttonists' to not only have people to cook for, but also fattened friends to spread the large love. Though now he works as head gourmand at Le Delect, the fanciest restaurant in Greenwood Falls, he keeps his cult safe in his real home: an old abandoned fast food joint in the woods, refurbished into an abode fit for a group of fatties.

Close Friends: Delri, Dalton, Anise, and anyone who appreciates his cooking (fatty or skinny).
Worst Enemies: Dr. Mechanix, Walton.

Habits: He likes to fatten up 'skinnies' because he feels they'd be better off big. As well, he gets very affectionate with his cult members.

Likes: Cooking, food, fat pride, feeding his cult and anyone who appreciates food, lounging on his off time, belly rubs
Dislikes: 'Skinnies', going hungry, having his dishes criticized, fat hate, bringing up his ancestry as a negative.

Phobias and Mental Illnesses: None.
Physical Disabilities: None.

Character Alignment: True Neutral; he has no interest in conquering anything and all he wants to do is cook.

Theme Song(s): Cooking With Fire -…

Miscellaneous Trivia: He has no qualms about cooking and eating humans or other demons, but only if they displease him greatly.
Dalton's Pokemon X Battle Box Team by TacoKart
Dalton's Pokemon X Battle Box Team
Here's the latest retool of my X Battle Box team, which is now a team of my favorite underused Pokes along with my favorite Poke of all time, Houndoom. :P (Lick)

Kerberos (Houndoom / Mega Houndoom, Male)
Mizuno (Azumarill, Male)
Dodai (Torterra, Male)
Waddles (Grumpig, Male)
Pendra (Scolipede, Male)
Nightroad (Noivern, Male)

Commissions (OPEN)

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 19, 2014, 8:02 PM
  • Mood: Welcoming
  • Playing: Hyrule Warriors

After doing some thinking on the matter, as well as needing the extra money, I'm finally opening commissions. I know my art may not be worth the price but I'm giving it a try anyway. :P

Since I don't have a working tablet at the moment, here's what I got going on until I get the money for a new one:

Full Color w/ Transparent Background (assuming one character): $15.

Additional Prices:

Added Characters: + $2 per character.

Actual Background (for singles): + $5.

Comics / Sequences: + $7.

In terms of what I'll do, the only things I'll turn down is anything involving explicit fur fetishism, female fetishism of any kind, or underage characters in sexual situations (I'd have to age them up). Anything else, like normal fanart, male expansion/TF, Fakemon, Fake Digimon, Fake YuGiOh Cards, or whatever else is fair game. Just remember, since I work a 5-to-6-day-a-week job it might take me a bit. In that case, please be patient.

Since this is the first time I'm opening commissions, I'm only doing 3 this time, so it's first come, first serve.

1. :iconyeahshippo: *FINISHED*



If you'd like a commission, let me know in the comments then send me a note with what you'd like me to do. I accept payment only through Paypal (send to Thank you. :heart:

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Dalton T. Evans
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Just a guy who loves to draw and make friends!

~ WARNING: I'm pro-human/humanoid when it comes to fetishism. ~

Skype: Taco-Kart
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3DS XL Friend Code: 5343-8324-7731
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